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Epistemic Objects: a challenge to the history of science

When something attracts our epistemic curiosity, we may refer to it as an epistemic object. In the sciences, epistemic objects are the fundamental objects of research. But what is the relationship between epistemic objects in the sciences and our pre-scientific notions of them? What are the dynamics by which epistemic objects come into being? How are epistemic objects articulated linguistically? What role do empirical methods play in the constitution of epistemic objects? What is the relationship between the shifting status of epistemic objects and the supposedly atemporal character of scientific results? epistemic objects are the fundamental subjects of scientific research. They attract the attention and interest of scientists as well as of historians and philosophers of science and knowledge.  

The Research Network has set up a series of Research Colloquia open to the public, each organised by another member with another apporach to the topic, to further enhance our knowledge about epistemic objects and their concepts.