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Network Events 2007-2008

Politics and the History of Science

Paris, Centre Alexander Koyré, 22 June 2007

Project by the working group Science and Politics
Org. by Peter Galison, Dominique Pestre, Simon Schaffer


Exhibition: Objects in Transition

Berlin, MPIWG, 16 August  - 02 September 2007
Org. by Gianenrico Bernasconi, Anna Märker, Susanne Pickert.


Workshop of the Wandering Seminar

Berlin, MPIWG, 16 - 19 August 2007
Org. by Anna Märker, Sophia Vackimes, Konstanze Weltersbach


Microscope Slides: Reassessing a neglected resource

Berlin, MPIWG. 20 - 23 September 2007
Org. by Ilana Loewy, Nick Hopwood


The Invisible Seminar

Berlin, MPIWG, 7 March 2008
Org by Claudio Pogliano, Renato Mazzolini, Michael Hagner


Governance of and through science and numbers: notions, categories and tools

Paris, EHESS, May 26th 2008

Project by the working group Science and Politics
Org. by Peter Weingart, Dominique Pestre


Epistemic Objects, Research Colloquium

Berlin, Technical University Berlin, 16 - 17 May 2008

Project by the working group Epistemic Objects
Org. by Günter Abel, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger


Seriality and scientific objects in an age of revolution, 1780–1848

Cambridge, University of Cambridge, 16 - 17 June 2008,
Org. by Nick Hopwood, Simon Schaffer, Jim Secord


The Exhibition as Product and Generator of Scholarship

Deutsches Museum, München, 27-28 November 2008
Org. by Helmuth Trischler, Christian Sichau and Susanne Pickert